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Service Descriptions & Pricing

Microblading $475 is achieved with a manual tool that is used to create a hair like strokes.  Not all skin types are ideal. Last approx 6 -18 months when a touchup appointment is needed.

Microblading + Shading $575 is achieved with a manual tool that is used to create a hair like stroke, with two options of microblading the whole brow with shading between the hair likes strokes OR microblading the beginning of brows and shade the rest of brows. This is know as a combination brow.

Nano Hair Strokes + Shading $575 is achieved with using a cosmetic tattoo machine and a fine sterile cartridge needle to create nano lines to mimic hair like strokes at the beginning of the brows + shading the remainder of the brow.  This is known as a combination brow.

Powder Brow Shading $475 is shading the brow with use of a cosmetic tattoo machine, similar appearance of applying makeup pencil.  Can be customized- bold (solid shading), soft (shading to pixel at top of brow) or a combination (ombre). Most skin types are ideal. Last approx 1-3 years when a touchup appointment is needed.


Basic Upper Eyeliner$350 can be thin, thick, wedged thicker outer to thin inner, or a small flick on outer eye.  No wings offered. Last approx 1-3 years when a touchup appointment is needed.

Lower Eyeliner $200 a basic lower eyeliner.  


Lip Blush Tattooing $500 enhances the color of your natural lips, improves the shape of lips and gives the definition and illusion of fullness.  Heals soft. natural, a soft wash of color.  Last approx 1-3 years when a touchup appointment is needed.


Lip Blush Neutralization $500 (for deeper melanin lips with blue or purple undertones) often requires 3-4 appointments, 8-10 week apart, in the first year.  It will undergo several color changes and will undergo several color changes and will appear darker, then gradually lighten as it heals.  You must trust the healing process and agree to a minimum of 3 appointments, with an optional 4th if needed.  Each appointment has a fee associated with it.


Permanent Makeup Touchups Cosmetic Tattooing requires 2 appointments. Additional appointments may be needed, fees apply.  All methods are a semi permanent which will require future touchup to maintain the pigment color, hair strokes, and definition. Touchups are approximately and will vary.

1 - 3 months $100

Up to 6 months $150

Up to 1 Years $225

Up to 2 Years $350

Lash Lift & Tint $75 is perm for your lashes that shapes them into the perfect eye-opening curl, the tint darkens light eyelashes to a rich black color.  Gently, low maintenance, does not replace the volume of mascara, only creates semi-permanent curl of your natural lashes.  The length results depend on your natural length with a curl. lash lifts last approx. 4  -6 weeks, tint last approx 2 weeks.

Lash Tinting $28

Lash Extension $130 is one synthetic lash adhere (cyanoacrylate an ingredient in lash glue) to one natural lash.Fills are required to maintain every 2-3 weeks. Adds length and volume.

2 week fill $65

3 week fill $75

Brow Wax + Tint $35

Brow Tint $28

Brow Wax $25 to custom shape the brows.  Must be one week prior to permanent brow makeup appointment. 

Lip Wax $15

Chin Wax $15

Lower Legs $50

Under arms $30

Dermaplane Skin Treatment $70 is a exfoliating treatment with the use of surgical scape to exfoliate dead skin cells and velds hair (peach fuzz).  The benefits are to help even out your complexion, smoother skin, better absorption of skin care products, easier application of makeup.  This monthly appointment is ideal, , this does not cause darker or thicker hair. Chemical Peel can be added.  

Chemical Facial Peel $70 combines vitamin C hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal.  Gently exfoliates while infusing the skin with atioxidants, detoxifying and energizing complexes giving noticeable results in just one session.  Dermaplane can be added.

Emergency Tattoo Lightening/Removal (within 48 hours of original appointment) $200 is a common, effective approach to lightening tattoos however, it is slower process than other treatments, this method is popular because it is much safer that other removal methods.  This is done using a traditional equipment used in the tattooing method with the use of sterile saline solution using osmosis and your natural body's healing process to lift pigment up to the surface.  More then one appointment may be needed.

Special Occasion Hair Services at your location

Bride Formal Hair $120  

Formal Hair Style $80

+Add on clip hair extensions $20

Child Formal Hair (under 8 years old) $40

Bride Hair Trial $80

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