After-Care Instructions

After-Care - keep clean & Moisturized

On the first day, gently remove lymph fluids with dabbing motions, with a wet cotton pad every two hours; this will help avoid thick scabbing.  Follow with Aquaphor or product provided.

First 2 days: do a quick compress to remove lymph fluid, (3 warm in a row, them apply a cool one, using a wet (soaked in water) cotton ball or cotton pad to blot the lips).  This is the time the skin will ooze lymph fluid and crust will form, clean it gently 3 times a day.  Follow with Aquaphor or product provided. 


Apply product provided and or Aquaphor, liberally.  Never let your lips dry out. Always apply a non-protroleum product to keep moisturized.

Keep lips moist! the most important, never let lips dry out.  

We do retail an aftercare product that is highly recommended to soothe and moisturize full lip color procedures AND has the added protection  of a herpes inhibitor,  local anesthetic and herbal antioxidants  for healing.  A Real Favorite!


After healed and scabbing is done, use SPF to prevent hyperpigmentation.



  • *Face Mask* use disposable mask only for 7 days, changing to fresh mask 3 times a day for first 3 days

  • *Use a cool compress as needed and recommend after eating

  •  *Before brushing your teeth, apply a layer of non-petroleum jelly (Aquaphor) to protect the pigmented area

  • *Keep your lips lubricated and protected from UV exposure.

  • *Take prescription antiviral medication for as long as your doctor recommends (suggested: 6 days afterwards and 2-3 days prior).

  • *Drink with a straw

  • *Apply Aquaphor before and after eating to act as a barrier

  • *Eat taking small bites using a fork avoiding touching lips

  • *Rinse mouth with water after eating


4. Restrictions

Restrictions - Do Not!

  • *Eat spicy foods and drinks for 7 - 10 days

  • *No open mouth movements (like yelling)

  • *Undergo any facial treatments or sauna

  • *Use makeup on tattooed area for 7 -10 days, when completely healed

  • *Work out (intense) upto 7 days

  • *Touch your lips for the first 2 day, clean hands a must

  • *Pick at or scratch your lips

  • *Wet, lick or bite your lips until the lips have fully peeled

  • *Kissing until lips have fully healed, (including kissing cheeks)

  • *Use whitening toothpaste until lips have fully healed

  • *Do not use Exfoliate or scrub your lips until week 4.

  • *Do not use strong waterproof liquid Matte lipsticks or lip stains until 6 weeks after your final appointment.  Avoid using the for 2 weeks before any annual touchups as well.

5.Healing Process

Healing Process-What to expect

*Your lips will lightly weep fluid for first 24-48 hours after service.  Do not allow this fluid to dry down.  It must be gently blotted away with cold water on damp cotton pads.  Apply lip ointment generously after each time you blot.

*Your lips will most likely remain noticeably swollen for 2-3 days after your appointment.  This swelling is temporary.  Lips with filler will have even more pronounced temporary swelling.

Lip Neutralization of naturally darker lips will go through a cycle of temporarily looking much darker for the first 4-8 weeks.  This is a normal part of healing.  Please allow the full 8-10 weeks to heal.  Lip Neutralization may take 3-4 sessions which are 8 -10 weeks apart before satisfactory results are achieved.  You must be patient during this process.  The naturally occurring melanin doesn't disappear or leave, so after 12 -18 months you may begin to see your natural lip color coming through as the tattoo fades.  You may consider an annual touchup appointment at this time.  Your healing process will be the same as the first time, however it will usually only need 1 or 2 touchup appointments.