Are you interested in becoming a Lash Extension Artist?

Lash Extension Training and Apprenticeship 

Image by Hayley Kim Design

What does it take to be a Lash Artist?  Lots of patience, eye for details, steady hands, good work ethics, determination, and excellent customer service.

Fact's on being a Maryland Eyelash Extension Artist:  

It is not required in the state of Maryland to have a Aesthetician or Cosmetology License to become or work as a lash extension artist.

How does the apprentice program work?  

The details and options of how this can work for you will be discussed at time we meet.  


 The Training Will Include The Following:

  • Classic Lash Extension Application (1 synthetic lash to 1 natural lash application)

  • Hands on 1 on 1 training

  • Learn the theory and science behind eyelash extension products and techniques.

  • Discover how to protect the health and safety of your clients 

  • Explore the most efficient and effective application technique to safely and successfully perform lash extensions.

  • Certification with Lady Ink & Co

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Call to set up a time to meet to go over this opportunity.  This Lash Extension Program is extremely limited