Michelle's passion is to give confidence to women (and men) to feel good, confident, and to look like themselves but a better version.   She is patient and has an eye for detail, many say she's a perfectionist.


Michelle has over 30 years of experiences in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist and esthetician, becoming a cosmetics tattoo artist was a new direction that has become her passion, hobby, and career.

 Speaking of benefits of permanent cosmetics and how the services gives confidence, more time less fuss, 24/7 coverage that doesn't come off, giving a natural or makeup look effortless, keeps your makeup routine simple, makes brow looked balanced- framing the eyes- giving expression to the face, the eyes to stand out and enhance the lashes or create depth for those who have no lashes. Hormones, over tweezing, aging, chemo, trick, scarring, genetics, alopecia, hands that shake, poor vision, lack of skill, motivation, and just because.

Michelle started Microblading in 2016 and has since added Permanent Makeup Services.  Her Certifications are with Microblading / BALTIC BROW , Foundations of Permanent Makeup /NOUVEAU CONTOUR, Basic Eyeliner / ANNA DIXON, African-American Skin Type /ANNA DIXON.  Michelle continues her education and will add as she completes her advancements.

 Michelle takes extra steps for safety and maintains the Blood Bourn Pathogens certification in tattooing, and always using all disposable and all safety protocols.  Michelle is available at two different locations for your convenience in Crofton (Lady Ink & Co) and Laurel (Big City Body Art).  Michelle strives to be the expert, the go to artist with ongoing education with latest trends and creative art growth in the amazing world of permanent cosmetics.

"I'm going to make


around me


that will be my life"

      by - Elsie de Wolfe


photo credit to Alison Harper Co

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