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Permanent Cosmetic + Beauty

We offer a range of treatments to enhance your natural features and have a passion for helping our clients regain confidence and feel happy in their own skin. 

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Powder Brows gives the brow a shaded appearence like applying a pencil to define and darken the brows.  This is also know as powder shading, micro shading, ombre brow
Microblading gives the illusions of hair stroked.  A permanent makeup method that is created by a hand held tool with pigment, giving definition and darkening of brow area.
Microblading and Shading is a metod that gives the illusion of brow hairs and shading fills in empty arears to create a fuller brow.  Shading can be added to microblading and or nano hair strokes.
Nano Hair Strokes method is created the illusion of hair strokes with a specific tatto machine. Good for all skin types, alternative to microblading.

 These treatments will leave you with full brows, tinted lips, and flawless eyeliner without having to remove and reapply. I also offer Beautiful lashes and Brows Shaping. 



Permanent Eyeliner can be done on upper and or lower lash line.  Your eyes will be enhanced making your lashes look fuller & eyes defined.
Lip Blush is tattooing method that give the lips definetion and of color.


Permanent Makeup is used to enhance your features, saves you time and money without removing and applying cosmetics, help you feel happy, and confident in your own skin whether it is with natural defined brows, pigmented lips, or soft eyeliner.


Lash Extentions creates lenght, fullness of lashes.
Brow Henna tints the brows to darken brow hairs, also it stains the skin to create a fuller more defined brow.
Lash Lift & Tint is a method that perms the lashes to curl and tinting lashes to a rich black color.

Enjoy waking up with gorgeous lashes and brows that are already perfectly shaped, so you can start your day looking and feeling your best.

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Michelle (Gentry) Schmidt

Lady Ink and Company owned by Michelle Gentry Schmidt.

Michelle is an experienced professional in the beauty industry for over 30 years, though she has been doing permanent makeup for 7 years.  She is the owner/founder of Lady Ink & Co located at 7310 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061and is a Certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Certified Esthetician, Licensed Cosmetologist, and has earned many additional certifications with cosmetic tattooing.  Michelle has training with the best artist from all over the country, she is versatile in the PMU industry with Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Blushing and with Eyelash Tint & Lift, Extensions, Brow Wax & Henna, Dermaplane Skin Treatment.  Her ability to perform tedious work with steady hands, as well as her eye for art and creativeness have been some of the attributions to her career.  She is dedicated to empowering women through quality cosmetic tattoos + beauty treatments that are tailored to match each individual's unique style. 

 On personal note, She just recently eloped ❤️

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